Awaiting the arrival of the BMW i3!

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So the i3 is arriving today, in a huge rainstorm! Luckily I’d already asked an i3 owner the stupid question ‘is it ok to charge an electric car in the rain’. Imagine if it wasn’t – EVs would never take off in this country!

It is a BMW i3s 94ah car which we are being loaned. In red – red is my favourite car colour so I’m very happy.

I have designed a sticker to go on the car – a mockup from the printer can be seen above – there will be transparency behind the map plus Motor Vision have sent me some more decal car stickers to put in and outside the car – see Instagram image below – I’d love some more followers on the account (hint hint!).

 (In my ‘other’ life I am a digital designer. I also designed the ‘Are We There Yet Mum’ logo and branding.)

I’m hoping there is at least a bit of charge in the car – I plan to take it somewhere today or if not tomorrow to charge somewhere public. A lot of the shopping centres around here have chargers so I was planning on visiting one and getting some last minute supplies (suncream etc – I can be optimistic) at the same time.

So I will either be visiting Monks Cross, Vanguarde, York Designer Outlet or Clifton Moor. Watch this space for how I get on!

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