Why do I want to go on an adventure in an electric car?

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An electric car (also battery electric car or all-electric car) is a plug-in electric automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using energy typically stored in rechargeable batteries

Will a charge point always be free?

I have been thinking of buying an electric car for ages but, like a lot of people, I have been put off by the upfront costs and concerns over mileage. I have always been conscious of the environment and drive a large family diesel car for convenience and because it’s cheap to run. But I do feel guilty and know I’d do more shorter, convenient journeys if I had an electric car to buzz around in. 

I have noticed that electric car use is increasing – seemingly mainly for school runs and commuting but fewer people have them as their main family car for longer trips. Are we at the tipping point of seeing more uptake for longer journeys? Will more families take the plunge and use them for holidays and longer journeys, or is it just too risky? I’d love to find out!

Is it actually possible to take longer trips with a young family, and not trip up along the way by running out of charge? I have 2 young boys age 6 & 8 who I’d love to take on a family trip, stopping at attractions with an eco-friendly and green slant so the journey is educating and fun.

I naturally have lots of concerns and questions, which I hope my trip will answer:

  • How far you can get on a single charge and what happens if we run out of charge on a motorway journey? Do roadside assistance come and help you out?
  • How much longer do you have to factor in for stopping in order to charge up?
  • What happens if someone is in the charging spot?
  • Can all cars charge at all charge points? 
  • Do car batteries losetheir efficiency – how much is a new one if it stops working?
  • How reliable are the chargers – I’ve heard that quite a few are oftenout of use.

If you own an electric car I’d love to hear your answers to some of these questions!

How many charge points are in lovely locations like this?

I entered the Motor Vision Awards 2018 with an idea to see if it was possible to have a British family holiday in an electric car. I wanted to test this out in the summer holidays, when people typically are on the road, and incorporate some more challenging routes. I initially sent Motor Vision my idea, which they chose to go through to a voting round and although I didn’t win that round, I was excited to be chosen to be a finalist. I had an interview to discuss my idea further with Motor Vision and their judges and answer questions. I was delighted to find out a few weeks ago that I was one of their 2018 winners.

I had previously entered the awards in 2017 – my idea was to create a real life ‘LEGO MINI’ using stickers. I got to the final round but fell at the hurdle of copyright. My new idea incorporates  customising a car by adding stickers to it of logos of the sponsors, attractions, accommodation and other places we will be visiting. This will create a nice bit of promotion for them! 

My plan for the trip is to take my family on a fortnights journey stopping at eco-friendly attractions along the way. It will be mainly south of York, where I live, taking in Wales and going as far south as The Eden Project. I’d love to do another journey north up to Scotland and across to Norfolk, but for now, in a fortnight, I don’t feel like I have enough time in a) an electric car and b) with 2 small children in tow to do much more than I have planned. I really hope to take more journeys – either as day trips, weekend stays or longer holidays in an electric car, and share my experiences on here.  

Once I have finalised my route I will share it on here. I think it may  have to be a bit flexible – for example if we have to wait for a charger somewhere it may set us back a bit. 

I plan to blog and vlog and create downloadable information for other people and families in the same position as us to learn from –eg top tips and suggestions. I’m hoping to get all the places we will visit on board to feature on the website as well as their logo as a sticker on the car. This will also include other things such as books for the boys to read in the car (1000 miles will mean we have to entertain them!), games for them to play on their tablets, audio books and so on. 

If you or anyone you know own a business who would like to be involved please get in touch!

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